Colossal Crab & Millers Pizza

Colossal Crab And Millers Pizza Chicago

17 W. 35th St. Chicago, IL. 60609

Call: 773-855-2029

Chicago's #1 Deep Dish & King Crab Spot! Serving Chicago more than 30 years!

A Beast In The Works
Biggest Pizza IN Chicago!
Slice of Deep Dish
Millers Pizza
Beast Mode Pizza
The Beast - Sausage Onion
MIller's Deep Dish Pepperoni
Deep Dish Craving
Deep Dish Cheese
Voted #1 Deep Dish in Chicago
Beast Sausage Pre-Cut
Beast Mode Always
Beast Pepperoni
What a Beast this thing is!

Latest News from Colossal Crab & Millers Pizza

08/09/2016 - Our New Launch!

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